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EGP 3,400,000
Maged Molazem
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EGP 3,400,000 Cash
Price / Sqm:
EGP 13,333 Per Sqm
Finishing Status:
Semi Finished
255 M2
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Ground Floor
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Garden VIew
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Residential License
Last Updated:
Sun 7 May 2017

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eastown new cairo resale,
sodic eastown duplex,
sodic eastown new cairo,
: duplex with garden for resale in eastown new cairo ,
surface area 254 m garden 177 m consist of :
3 bedrooms one of which master bedroom with private bathroom, 3 bathrooms , reception & dining , kitchen , toilet , maid's room , terrace, wide garden
compound eastewn - sodic new cairo
duplex with garden resale ready to move in with spacial price

eastown sodic for sale duplex wirth garden,
eastown sodic resale,

eastown new cairo:built on 860,000 square meters of land, twice the size of
london’s canary wharf, eastown new cairo will
provide approximately one
million square meters of premium residential, retail and office space
while offering the best in shopping, entertainment and sustainable living.
here, over 25,000
residents, retail staff
and office employees can
enjoy a vibrant
environment where buildings
are integrated into the
landscape, where traffic is kept to a minimum and the air is cleaner.
as well as its own business shopping and entertainment
districts, eastown new cairo will include several hotels and serviced apartments,
providing a total of 800 rooms with
health clubs, spas
and conference facilities.eastown new cairo is a mixed community:
the mix of uses and services, the range of residential options,
and the ability to walk and cycle as part of daily life all make for a more
sustainable, greener living. throughout history human settlements have tended
to evolve as mixed-use environments. walking was always the primary means of
transportation. people lived and worked
in the same areas. these principles have been adapted to eastown new cairo. residents
will have the benefit of being able to walk short distances to do their
shopping, go to work or watch a movie.
instead of being segregated, neighborhoods will combine all aspects of
life. the development of eastown new cairo involved extensive research by urban planners,
architects and landscapers. by translating these findings into the design of
eastown new cairo, we are creating a community that integrates life, work and recreation.eastown new cairo master plan:
overlay of eastown’s master-plan and map of central london
the figure to the right is a scale comparison of eastown’s master-plan and high
street with oxford street, central london. it provides an indication of
eastown’s scale and more importantly, its “walkability”.
eastown new cairo land use and neighborhoods eastown new cairo is divided into
five districts, each classified by its own defining features that include: wist
al-balad, the center the gateway, the residences and the business park.
meticulously planned and strategically placed on the master-plan, each district
is situated in a way that fully maximizes benefits and functionality of a
mixed-use city center.
eastown new cairo is a city center of contemporary buildings,
beautifully landscaped piazzas and parks.
eastown is structured
around two axes; the
commercial and shopping spine
of central avenue,
and a tree-lined green
spine. the two axes converge in a
large public square in eastown’s entertainment quarter. the green spine runs through the heart of eastown’s
residential area.
a jogging path winds its way through this area, linking the
residential and commercial neighborhoods.
the pedestrian central avenue links the southeastern limits
of the new campus of the american university in cairo with wist al-balad, which
is positioned on
higher ground overlooking the
rest of the
city centre. also along central avenue is the indoor-outdoor galleria
which lies at the heart of eastown’s shopping district.cars, too, have their place. underground car parks,
wide thoroughfares and
easy access via new
cairo’s main road
90 and the ring
road mean that
for once, driving, just
like cycling and
walking, will be a pleasure.
surrounded by some of egypt’s top educational
establishments, and populated by ambitious young urbanites, eastown new cairo will have
an energy and dynamism of its own.
from carving out a career in the business district, to
studying for a
degree, or raising a
family, this is
the place to make it happen.
and when a change of job or a move to a bigger place is in
order, eastown new cairo can help you meet the challenge.
from the outset, eastown new cairo was planned to offer flexibility
and diversity. the east end
of town will
be predominately commercial; it
will be clustered
around the central pedestrian avenue’s shopping and nightlife and the offices
of the central business district. the
calmer district to the
west is given
over to residential neighborhoods overlooking
parks and tree-lined pedestrian
spaces. in the middle will be mixed-use communities, home to small businesses,
independent shops, lofts and penthouses.urban living redefined
the heart of eastown's vision is to provide its residents
with contemporary living spaces that are functional, attractive and within easy
reach of urban essentials.
eastown will offer around 1,600 new luxury and family
apartments, penthouses, lofts and student studios. elegantly styled and
supplied with the latest fittings, they will look out over tree-lined streets,
parks and courtyards. nearby, a central green area cuts a swathe through
eastown, an ideal locale for calm recreation; irrigated with recycled water.
each neighborhood will have its own distinctive charm and character. one can
live in a penthouse or loft in the bustle of wist al-balad, overlooking
alleyways lined with cafes, art-galleries and small shops, or for a
slower-paced lifestyle, one can retreat to an elegant apartment near the auc
campus where children can freely play in the parks or cycle on the lanes that
wind around the whole neighborhood.
one can enjoy an urban lifestyle only a few minutes' walk
from the world class shopping facilities and business district. families will
appreciate eastown's safe environment, clean air and wide open spaces, coupled
with a host of recreational and educational facilities, health clubs, spas,
pools and playgrounds.infrastructure & property management.
infrastructure is a bit like waitressing. if done correctly
you don't notice it. it's only when things go wrong that your life is


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